Ready to Become a E-Z Ride Driver?

 In order to be a driver, qualified candidates must:

  • Have a clean driving record for 3 years 

  • Pass all background checks, from PA State Criminal checks, FBI Fingerprinting, and Child Abuse Clearances 

  • All drivers must undergo and pass 4 hours of defensive training and obtain the certificate 

  • Complete the online mandated reporter training 

  • Become certified in CPR & Frist Aid 

  • Own a registered vehicle, model 2010 or newer 

Ready to Become a E-Z Ride Monitor?

Are you interested in the safety of children? All of our rides come paired with a driver and monitor, and each person holds an important job. To become a monitor, you must:


  • Pass the PA State Criminal check, pass the FBI Fingerprinting check, and obtain a clear Child Abuse clearance

  • Complete and pass the online mandated reporter training 

  • Obtain a cpr & first aid certification 


Are you ready to be a monitor? Let's get you started! 


All vehicles used are up to date, pass all inspections, have a first aid kit on board, and are installed with cameras and tracking devices. Transporting your child is the top priority, and ensuring their safety is #1! 


All of our drivers pass an extensive background check to ensure that only the safest and reliable people are paired with your child. Each person is CPR & First Aid certified, as well as defensive driving certified.


Our vehicles are installed with tracking devices to ensure the safety and accuracy of every trip.